Spectrum Fantastic Art Live Promotional Video

We’ve just finalized the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live promotional video.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live runs May 9-11th, 2014 at the Kansas City Convention Center, Grand Ballroom of Bartle Hall, Kansas City, MO. For full details and to purchase tickets visit: spectrumfantasticartlive.com

Be a part of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live by attending this event that celebrates the fantastic art and its creators. SFAL  is a fantasy-focused art fair, in which creators can display, share and sell originals, prints, sculpture, crafts, toys and more to an audience of fans and peers. There is something for everything, including presentations, panels, displays, portfolio reviews, workshops, educational opportunities and the Spectrum 21 awards ceremony. In short, our goal is to honor the artists and put on a fantasy art convention that anyone is welcome to attend and enjoy.



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