Back From Emerald City Comicon

The view from the Flesk booth. We had a prime spot right as you walk in off of the main sky bridge.
The view from the Flesk booth. We had a prime spot right as you walk in off of the main sky bridge.

Emerald City Comicon is a wrap. The show was incredibly well organized with friendly staff and volunteers, plus easy to get in and out. The show was sold out in advance and packed with people for most of Friday and Saturday. I noticed that it was a little easier to get around on Sunday, but just a little.

Our friend’s at Bud Plant were just a few steps away from us. This picture was taken from our booth, too.

I brought three times the amount of books that we brought last year and by closing time on Sunday I was able to fit all of the remaining books into one small box. It looks like I’ll need to bring even more next year!

Here’s a picture of Brom at the Flesk / Spectrum booth just before opening time on Friday morning.
Brom sketching in The Art of Brom.

Brom was with us all three days. His line was steady throughout with only the briefest of lulls. We sold out of the Art of Brom books that I had brought by early Sunday. In this picture above, Brom is adding a pair of drawings to a deluxe copy of his art book.

Brom-Tattoo-ECCCSome people talk about how big of a fan they are of Brom. Others show it. Here, Brom signs his name below the tattoo depicting his art during Emerald City Comicon last weekend. The owner requested Brom’s signature to use as a stencil for the tattoo artist to apply the final touch.

I observed that Seattle has a huge tattoo presence. I saw far more body art than cosplay at this show. Many beautiful tattoo arm sleeves had Asian influences, sea life or fantasy elements to them. I can only imagine how skilled these tattoo artists have to be as they don’t have the luxury of an eraser.

More pictures and stories from ECCC coming soon



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