Pictures at our Flesk and Spectrum Booth at the Alternate Press Expo in San Francisco

Hi, all,

We had a fun time at the Alternate Press Expo on October 12 and 13. I’m on the road in the Netherlands for two events, which will keep my writing brief, but I will say this is one show I would not want to miss. APE is all about the artists and it attracts a sophisticated and highly enjoyable audience.

Terryl Whitlatch was with us all weekend. Everyone who bought a copy of her book Real and Imagined received a free unique drawing in the book. This kept Terryl’s line steady throughout the show. Pixar Sketch Artist and Spectrum 21 jury member, Shelly Wan, joined us on Saturday. Shelly proved popular and her good spirits was welcome at the booth. Craig Elliott was with us throughout the weekend. Craig gave much of his time by providing a live painting demonstration from a live model for four hours on Saturday and Sunday. We’re pleased at how popular these were and the visitors that hung out to learn and observe. Iain McCaig, legendary artist and Spectrum Advisory Board member, stopped by Saturday for a surprise visit and signing. Even with his presence being unannounced, a line quickly formed and kept Iain engaged during his entire stay with us. My friends James and Josh managed the book sales and answering questions. We had a fun time. APE is much like showing up to a good friend’s house and hanging out for a few days. None of the experience feels like work.

Enjoy the following pictures that were provided by our friends at Helpful Bear Productions. (Thanks guys!)

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-01Our full line of books were on offer, plus a sample copy of Spectrum 20 that was viewed with much delight.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-01BTerryl Whitlatch talking with an attendee.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-03From left to right, there’s Terryl, Shelly Wan, Craig Elliott and me, John Flesk.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-04Here, Terryl includes a drawing into a copy of her book. She never drew the same creature twice.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-05This is Terryl again, from the aisle outside of our booth. Our booth was oftentimes obscured by attendees.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-07This picture shows Terryl, Shelly and Craig, with my buddy James in the background.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-08Terryl draws in the foreground while Craig is painting his model for the day, Kelly.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-09Craig focuses on his oil demonstration.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-10From left to right we have Iain McCaig, Gil Banducci of Helpful Bear Productions, myself and Terryl.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-11Shelly talks with a fan.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-12Group shot! From left to right: Shelly, Gil, Terryl, Iain, Craig and Flesk.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-13Here’s another perspective on Craig’s oil demonstration.

Flesk-APE-2013-pic-14The final portrait, with Kelly and Craig.

Thanks to Vidur Gupta for taking these pictures and to the entire Helpful Bear crew for their support!

See you next year!



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