The Flesk April Update. Brom, Mark Schultz on Kickstarter soon, New Bruce Timm Teaser, Wendy Pini, and more.

During the last seven months I have been heavily involved in making new books. This began in September with my handling the production of the Illustrating Modern Life book for the exhibit of the same name at the Weisman Museum in Malibu, California. And then there is The Art of Brom and Kickstarter event. Brom presented me with the idea for this project at the inaugural Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event last May.

Speaking of SFAL, I began the second commemorative book for this year’s event last November. That book is done and already shipping from the printer. It’ll premier at the show in May. A new printing with a new cover for Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic and a new art book collection for Mark titled Carbon will be available this summer. Then, I have two show books that will premiere at our booth at Comic-Con. The first is Bruce Timm Naughty and Nice 2013 Teaser with all new art. The second being a Teaser for the two book set under development, The Art of Elfquest & Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini. Seven titles in seven months. (Plus, I am helping Terry Dodson in the background with a pair of his new show books.)

It’s been a good stretch of focused work. Between this May and August the six titles yet to be available will be coming out. I enjoy the hell out of publishing, and am eager to get these books into your hands.

I’m also finalizing a new Kickstarter campaign on the new Mark Schultz books. We’ve come up with some cool goodies and bonus items that we hope to share, if we reach our goal. There’s going to be a special hardcover for Xenozoic, a Carbon art book deluxe, a new print, and the soon to be revealed Kickstarter incentives that I’m very pleased to offer. We are just finishing up the promotional video, and doing some final edits on the campaign. Pending approval from Kickstarter, it will go live Thursday, April 11th at 10:00AM PST / 1:00PM EST. I’ll give you more details very soon.

The second Spectrum Fantastic Art Live show is coming up fast. It’s only six weeks away. I have a lot of planning and arrangements to sort out. Our booth will be the biggest I’ve ever had to date, with more artists than have ever appeared with us at one show. Brom, Bill Carman, Craig Elliott, Gary Gianni, Mike Mignola, Mark Schultz and Peter de Seve will be at our booth. I’ll have a detailed update about signing times, what the artists will be bringing and what we will have there, very soon.

During much of this month I will be catching up on some much neglected Flesk website updates, blog entries and newsletters to properly fill people in on what’s been going on.

Then in June, The Art of Brom will be arriving. I’m planning much of that month will be spent prepping, packing and shipping all of our Kickstarter and pre-orders. We’ll have fun with it.

There’s plenty going on here. There’s a new line of books we will get started on in the summer for 2014. But, I’ll focus on what’s going on now and save the details for future books for another time.



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
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  1. What happened to the Schultz inking video?..Wm. Stout had mentioned it and i would very much like to see it!

    1. Interesting that you would mention the Schultz inking video, Eric. I just so happen to be making an announcement about it next Friday.

      John Flesk

  2. ….these are most exciting times we live in….Can’t wait to hear and see all…..

  3. Wow – I better start saving up! I’m looking forward to seeing you and the crew at SFAL2!

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