Flesk at “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” Part 3. Commemorative Book Signing with Mignola, McCaig, Brom, Hale and Android!

On Saturday May 16 from 2:30-4:00 we hosted the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! commemorative art book signing with the five special guests of the show at our Flesk booth. Sitting at the table in these pictures, from left to right, is Mike Mignola, Iain McCaig, Brom, Phil Hale and Android Jones.

The line was already growing at 2:10 and by 2:30 people were snaked around our 400 sq. foot booth, and then it continued across the aisle and down the convention hall wall. This amounted to a 70-80’ line. The hour-and-a-half allotted for the signing turned out to be just the perfect amount of time to satisfy everyone who wanted a signature. The people in line were very patient and brought a positive vibe to the signing.

This was the only opportunity during the show to see all five guests together in one place. We had a blast. It really was a lot of fun for all of us. I would like to thank the artists for taking the time to spend with the attendees in this group setting.

The “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” guests; a powerhouse of artists, all of whom are humble and generous to their fans.

One fan brought a sketchbook and requested that each artist provide a mini-sketch, of which each of them was happy to oblige. Here, Android provides the final entry.

Brom looks as cool as he actually is. Phil Hale is being passed a copy of the Spectrum annual to sign. Many artists that have appeared in Spectrum were exhibiting at the show. It was common to see a copy of the latest annual with multiple post-it notes poking out from in-between its pages marking where each artist appears. Collectors were obtaining signatures of as many people as they could.

Mike Mignola signing a Hellboy print.

Here’s a rare picture of Iain McCaig not smiling. This is a tough shot to get as he is usually beaming!

Android Jones (at right) looking very relaxed for someone who just a few hours later was performing live at the “Spectrum” awards ceremony at the Midland Theater. Right after this signing he went straight to rehearsal.

The mood remained playful during the hour-and-a-half signing.

Looking over the shoulders of giants as they sign the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! art book. We start with Mignola.

Iain McCaig.


Phil Hale was signing and providing a remark in every book. This was generous of him.

Android providing the exclamation point as fans receive the final signature.

The artists are in the front with (from left to right) James Walker, Mark Schultz and myself behind them. James and I have been friends for nearly twenty years. He is among a small handful of my most trusted and loyal friends. We spent ten years prior to my starting Flesk in 2002 helping friends at their booths and running around together at conventions. Neither of us would ever have suspected that we would have been hosting an event such as this ten years ago, or even five years ago. We agreed this was a special moment and not something to take for granted.

Another guest group shot.

I’ve mentioned this before but it is worth repeating. Mike is very warm with his fans. It’s nice to see someone who has received so much fame to remain grounded.

There’s the typical Iain I know. He is not afraid to show his enthusiasm for life and art in public.

Phil Hale makes a rare public appearance in the U.S. He flew in from the U.K. for the show. Android is at right.

Android Jones. This is probably my favorite picture of this batch. It’s a great natural grab-shot.

Thanks again to Mike, Iain, Brom, Phil and Android for being so gracious with their time and for hanging at our Flesk booth for the signing.

Part 4 of this series, which will come in the next day or two, will include more “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” pictures and commentary as I walked around the show.



John Fleskes
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Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! commemorative book
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  1. Beautiful photos, and what a wonderful experience!!
    I was exhibiting at the show and felt like a pinball trying to meet everyone and see everything I wanted to see! (Didn’t get to the signing OR any panels!) But saying that, Spectrum was such a magical experience and I HOPE and WISH for them to do it again. Having that many mind-blowing artists in one place at this kind of venue will forever be a highlight in my memory!
    Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thanks, Lydia. I couldn’t agree more about hoping they run the show again next year. It was an amazing experience. We came away inspired and eager to get back to work. I appreciate your comments.



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