Updated Flesk Publications Mission Statement for 2012

Realizing I had not updated my company profile for a while, I took a few minutes to write up a much needed revision. I feel the following description better reflects my mission statement, feelings about where the company is today, and my goals for the future.

About Flesk Publications

This year marks Flesk Publications’ tenth anniversary of promoting the arts through quality collections. “The company was founded as a direct result of my desire to publish the art books I wanted to buy myself,” states publisher John Fleskes. Flesk Publications pride’s itself on being different. A creative approach is pursued by exploring the aesthetics of each artist in order to design a package that serves as an extension of him or herself. The result is a unique and individual collection produced with passion. Flesk produces a full line of art books featuring the best of comics and graphic novels, fantasy, illustration, pinup and fine arts. “Animation and fine art are two areas I take great interest in expanding into,” shares Fleskes. “Our new Bruce Timm, Craig Elliott and Warren Chang collections are a testament to this goal.”

“One thing that separates us from other publishers is our absolute commitment to the quality of our books and the relationships formed with the artists we showcase,” continues Fleskes. “It’s not just about the books, but also about the positive future of the artists and making sure they are represented well and that their trust, in allowing us to collect their work, is not abused.” Fleskes shares a passion for the arts and feels a responsibility in making sure he represents his artists with the best books possible while also raising the art form. “We hope to educate the public to expect a higher standard from publishers,” continues Fleskes. “We take our work very seriously yet enjoy the process. Whether it’s a 16-page chapbook or a 300-page oversized art book, we give each collection our full attention to meet our standards first. I have a self-drive that makes this approach a natural part of what Flesk Publications is all about. It isn’t a policy, it’s who we are.”



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
Text © 2012 John Fleskes

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  1. Ten years … gosh, John. Cheers to you, and to all of creative talent that have worked with you these past ten years. Congratulations to Flesk Publications.

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