Latest Flesk Orders Update

If you were wondering what we’ve been up to over the holidays and New Year, here is the answer; Processing orders and packing books has been a full time job around here. And believe me when I say that none of us is complaining about it.

This six foot tall wall of 120 packages containing the new Bruce Timm book was built over the course of a day and a half. Before they were shipped I couldn’t help but get a picture next to them. Making books is a blast and shipping them off is just as much fun, especially knowing that they will arrive into the hands of their owners shortly.



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6 Replies to “Latest Flesk Orders Update”

  1. Hello, so anticipating this book. I ordered mine through amazon, but unfortunately they sent me a notification that it doesn’t have an release day even thought it’s stated it should be released on the January 10th. Just wondering if maybe there’s some kind of delay. Could some one please give me some hope on when I might get my copy?

    1. Hi Brandon,

      Amazon should have their copies any day now. I bet they will start shipping copies very soon. Thanks!


  2. I received my copy of Bruce Timm’s Naughty and Nice book and I was blown away. Very nice layout and enough pics to look at for hours. I also have to thank you for the way it was packaged for mailing. Amazon should take some lessons from you. Thanks again and look forward to future books.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Fantastic to hear! We take great pride in not only our books but our packing as well.

      Thanks for the post.



  3. I ordered mine through Chapters/Indigo, but they say the book is on re-order even though all the Amazon people have been receiving theirs since Wednesday.

    I’m getting a bit Jealous, Mr. Fleskes ^__^

    When does Chapters get it’s shipment?

    1. Hi Orville,

      Our book distributor to the trade, SCB Distributors, handles all of our wholesale orders. I’ll drop them an email, but I expect all of those who ordered books should get them at any time now.



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