DC Comics The New 52 Reviews by Jonathan Leveck

A friend of mine, Jonathan Leveck, has taken on the herculean task of writing a review for each of DC Comics The New 52 #1 titles at his J’s Comic Book Review on Facebook. Jonathan has evaluated each comic with honest, genuine, snarky and critical observations for nine of the titles so far. I’ve been enjoying his approach that is backed up with a deep knowledge of comics and a fluid writing style.

His most recent review concerns Justice League International #1 by Dan Jurgens with art by an artist I admire, Aaron Lopresti.

I buy the occasional comic if the art grabs me. Personally, unless I like the art I won’t pick up a comic–no matter how good the story is. To me, comics are art driven and without good art (subjective, I know), I won’t even give the story a chance.

I have been a fan of comics since the mid-eighties and regularly visit my local comic book shop, Hijinx Comics. (Owned by a good friend of mine, Neil Farris.) This New 52 line feels nostalgic to me in relation to the revamp DC did on a host of their titles in the mid to late eighties. (Superman, Justice League and Justice League Europe are among my favorites.) This time period was during my introduction to comics as a kid. I’m guessing there will be a whole new generation of fans who will feel this New 52 line will be something they own and can feel a part of, much like I enjoyed and have an attachment to the DC revamp in the eighties.

I think every generation can benefit when a character is reintroduced with a fresh approach now and again. By keeping the status quo and not revamping titles or characters it only panders to old fans and does not make the field open and welcome for new fans. I’m a big proponent of change and growth. Given this, The New 52 has been a welcome sight for me.

To get an idea of which title(s) you may want to peruse, take a peek at J’s Comic Book Review.



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