Mark Schultz Interview and Xenozoic Book Review at Comics Bulletin

The Comics Bulletin website has posted both and interview with Mark Schultz by Jason Sacks, and a book review of Xenozoic.

I’m not sure that “Book review” is the appropriate term since Danny Djeljosevic and Jason Sacks do so much more than simply review the book. They use a unique discussion approach of sharing their thoughts about Schultz and his epic story.  Danny and Jason offer a very detailed and clear understanding of the art and story within, as well as share interesting opinions about the collection, all the while bouncing thoughts off of each other. Whether you are familiar with Schultz or new to Xenozoic, this discussion review will grab your attention and be worth your while to read. They obviously invested a lot of time into this review.

Secondly is the Schultz interview by Jason Sacks. Jason met up with Mark and me at my Flesk booth at Comic-Con in San Diego on the Friday afternoon of the show. I sat next to them as the interview was being conducted. I was very impressed with Jason’s knowledge of Schultz and the comic field as a whole. He asked great follow-up questions without skipping a beat. He questions were clear without hesitation. Jason is good at what he does.

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Danny Djeljosevic and Jason Sacks book review of Xenozoic at Comics Bulletin
Mark Schultz interview by Jason Sacks at Comics Bulletin
Xenozoic by Mark Schultz