Spectrum 18 Artist List Announced!

The Spectrum website has posted the artist names list for those selected by the 2011 jury for inclusion in Spectrum 18. I’m pleased to see Flesk regulars Petar Meseldžija, Mark Schultz, Jim Silke and William Stout all included! There are also many of my favorites in there like Bill Carman (who did the Spectrum 18 Call For Entries poster), Frank Cho, Donato Giancola, Rebecca Guay, Michael Wm Kaluta, Gregory Manchess and Shelly Wan, to name a few.

Brom and James Gurney continue to slug it out as the only two artists to be in every volume of Spectrum!

Visit the Spectrum website for the full list!


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications

Spectrum 18 Artist List