Bill Baker Writes the New Icons Jim Lee Art Book From Titan Books!

It is with great pleasure that I share the news of the release of Icons: The DC Comics and Wildstorm art of Jim Lee from Titan Books. My pal Bill Baker wrote the text and captions for the book. This is a beautiful collection spanning from Lee’s work on Gen 13, Divine Right and Wildcats, then up to his drawing Batman and Superman, and much more. Plus many sketches and pencil work is included. I’ve been collecting Jim Lee’s work since he first started on Alpha Flight. It’s nice to see a massive tome dedicated to a stalwart figure in the field of comics. The book design is outstanding, too.

I’m especially delighted to see the samples both penciled and inked by Jim Lee (as most of his published work is inked by others). There’s a raw quality to these pieces he finishes himself with a great sensibility of spotting blacks.

You’ll want to get the Diamond Exclusive edition at your local comic store with the alternate pencil cover and bonus 16-pages of art. It’s a 296-page hardcover at 9 x 12” for $49.95.

I would like to congratulate Bill Baker on his herculean efforts of writing captions for over 400 images! You can visit Bill’s “Bill Baker Presents” website to read many quality interviews in the Baker’s Dozen area. You may recall form a recent blog of mine that he interviewed Petar Meseldžija on our book The Legend of Steel Bashaw. There’s also interviews on Mark Wheatley, Alex Sheikman, and more.



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications