Sessions with Robert McGinnis DVD Coming Summer 2010 From Paul Jilbert!

I just got an email from filmmaker Paul Jilbert about his latest project. He has the uncut Robert McGinnis painting segments coming out on DVD in summer 2010 titled, Sessions with Robert McGinnis. Paul has reshot many of McGinnis’ paintings from recently discovered originals. This will be an important and fun film recording the process and personality of one of my favorite illustrators.

Paul’s previous films include the James Bama documentary that was included with our James Bama: American Realist book, and Robert McGinnis: Painting the Last Rose of Summer. His focus is on producing premium documentaries on illustration legends and contemporary masters. Paul inflicts his passion into each of his films, so we can all expect great things from everything he does.

Check out Paul’s website here for clips, ordering information and news on all of his films. You can also pick up the current McGinnis film at Bud’s Art Books here.


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications