Super-Con 2009! A Hot Show!

I had a great time at Super-Con! The event is held at the San Jose Convention Center. As with last year, the organizers kept up with their tradition of having an all-star list of guests. Eduardo Risso, Jim Silke, Frank Cho, Joe Jusko, Alex Nino, Sergio Aragonés, Dan Brereton, and Mick Gray are all favorites of mine. It was a pleasure to have an opportunity to talk with these fine gentlemen, and see their latest art.

Each year, a particular artist will provide a pencil piece, which in turn is inked by a number of artists, all of which are put up at auction. The proceeds are given to charity. This year, Mark Schultz provided a pencil piece. I’ve got to say, out of the half-dozen, or so, artists who inked the piece, my personal favorite is the one done by Joe Jusko. He did an amazing job.

It was nice to see a good boost in attendance on Saturday, when compared to last year. Sunday was slow, but overall we had much more people come by the booth than in 2008.

On Sunday, I had the unexpected pleasure to meet a trio of fans in outstanding costumes. One in particular stood out to me for the reason that he was wearing a Flash Gordon costume that was a perfect replication of the uniform worn by Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon in the 1960’s King Comics. I just had to show him our Williamson Flash Gordon book mock-up and promotional banner hanging up at our booth. The pictures above and below will show what a great job all three of these people did on their costumes.

A big thanks goes out to Steve Morger and Steve Wyatt for their hard work to make this show happen each year!


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications