What I’m Up To

I thought some people might find it interesting to know what I’m up to right now.

I sent Gary Gianni’s The Prince Valiant Page book to the printer last month. I’ve gone over all of the proofs, approving everything except for the dust jacket. I’m still not satisfied with how the colors are coming out. They’re a little too dark and flat. As soon as we wrap up this final proof, the book will go to press. The book is definitely on track for its June 15, 2008 release date.

I recently had to have all of our book covers and book descriptions for our 2008 titles delivered to SCB Distributors, who handles our book trade sales. It’s always a challenge to prepare this material so far in advance. But ultimately, I am happy to have this information prepared and available for advance solicitation. I’ll have the Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon, Gary Gianni’s Twenty-Thousand Leagues under the Sea adaptation, and William Stout’s Prehistoric Life Murals book covers and details up on our Flesk website soon.

Randy Dahlk is designing Stout’s Murals book right now. He also designed the three Mark Schultz: Various Drawings books, and will also design the Williamson Flash Gordon book. I really love the work he does and I’m grateful he has the interest to work on these projects.

Jim Keegan has spent over a month, so far, coloring the pages to Gianni’s Twenty-Thousand Leagues under the Sea adaptation. Along with his wife Ruth, they are doing a phenomenal job. Jim showed me his newly finished colors to page three; pointing out the top panel crowd scene took him eleven hours to color! Jim went in and colored all of the people individually. I’m looking far back into the art, and these miniature people have their hats and faces colored. Most colorists would just run a flat color in the background and be done with it. Jim’s a true artist. He’s never satisfied until the art looks as best as it can.

I received the first draft of Mark Schultz’s text for the Al Williamson Flash Gordon book recently. One thing I appreciate about Mark is his ability to be objective. His goal was to produce a piece that did not come across as written by a fan. It points out Williamson’s accomplishments as well as weaker moments. The history of Al’s association on the character is fascinating as well. Mark completely leaves his own opinion out of it, providing succinct and interesting facts, allowing the reader to form their own opinion. Mark is touching up the text for the book, and should be finished in the next week or two. Looks like we’ll have everything in place for Randy to start the designs as soon as he finishes Stout’s Murals book.

That’s what’s going on right now. Be sure to check out the website in a few weeks to see more news and future book updates.

John Fleskes
Flesk Publications