Looking For Al Williamson Flash Gordon Originals

Mark Schultz, Randy Dahlk, and myself are working on a Flash Gordon book that will collect all of Al Williamson’s work on the character. The Williamson family is providing their support on the project, too.

We have been fortunate to find almost all of the original art, but are still missing a few items. We have some good leads on a few pages, but could use some help obtaining more. The artwork we require are original pages from the King Comics Flash Gordon #1, and pages from the King Comics Flash Gordon #5 for the story “Gods of the Beastmen.”

If you have any of these originals, or can help obtain scans from a friends or acquaintances collection, we would appreciate hearing from you. I will be certain to include you in the acknowledgments section and provide you with a free copy of the book once it is complete.

Please contact John Fleskes at 408-206-2346 or at info@fleskpublications.com. Thanks!